The Grant Bench-Top Riveter is the most innovative riveter offered in the world today. On average your new innovative Grant Riveter will run approximately 2 to 6 million cycles before the need to replace a part. Our riveters are hard chromed inside for extreme durability. We are so confident in our riveters we offer you a standard two-year factory warranty. Now this is a guarantee! The other guys try to compete with this but, fall short. Our riveters are designed to meet your specific needs in riveting today and in tomorrows applications. Each riveter, no matter if it is from our pneumatic, hydraulic or servo-electric line offers the most reliable and repeatable riveting cycle day in and day out. You will not be replacing bearings often in our riveting machines. We have designed our units based upon a 100% safety factor. Do not settle for anything less. We offer true Multi-process riveter capable of Orbital, Twin-Spin, Multi-Spin and Spin-Press forming techniques all in the same machine. Typical cycle time is 0.5 to 1.5 seconds with most all riveting applications. Our skilled and highly experienced team will select the right forming technique that lends itself best to your product design. Our product line is rated in mild steel solid rivet diameters ranging from 3mm to 38mm rivet diameter capacity machines. The system typically can utilize a very simple work holding fixture. Since we use controlled rivet forming techniques to fasten the rivet, the tonnage on our machine is much less than all other competitors equipment. Thus making our equipment much more affordable. Let us quote your next riveting system and we will prove it to you!

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Key Benefits

  •  Modular Design
  •  Precision Micrometer Stroke Adjustment
  •  Four Riveting Process - Orbital, Twin-Spin, Multi-Spin & Spin-Press Forming Techniques!
  •  Extremely Fast Cycle Rate
  •  Rivets Fasten with the Best Control
  •  Highest Cost Savings Compared to Any Other Riveting System!
  •  Many Internal Components are Hard Chromed for Durability
  •  All Machine Surfaces are Hand Scraped for Flatness









Rivet Diameter
Capacity in Mild 1018 Steel

0.118" DIA. (3 mm)

0.196" DIA. (5 mm)

0.315" DIA. (8 mm)

0.472" DIA. (12 mm)

0.630" DIA. (16 mm)

Adjustable Stroke

0 - 1.181"

(0 - 30 mm)

0 - 1.181"

(0 - 30 mm)

0 - 1.771"

(0 - 45 mm)

0 - 1.771"

(0 - 45 mm)

0 - 1.771"

(0 - 45 mm)

Maximum Downward Force

480 lbs @ 80 psi 216 @ 5.5 Kg/Cm²

904 lbs @ 80 psi 400 @ 5.5 Kg/Cm²

2194 lbs @ 80 psi 973 @ 5.5 Kg/Cm²

3783 lbs @ 80 psi 1678 @ 5.5 Kg/Cm²

7760 lbs @ 80 psi 3442 @ 5.5 Kg/Cm²

Motor 3PH, 460V, 60Hz

0.25 Hp

0.18 Kw

0.5 Hp

0.37 Kw

0.75 Hp

0.56 Kw

1.0     Hp

0.74 Kw

1.5 Hp

1.12 Kw

Throat Depth

4.72 inch

120 mm

4.72 inch

120 mm

5.51 inch

140 mm

7.87 inch

200 mm

7.87 inch

200 mm

Shut Height

7.0 inch

180 mm

7.0 inch

180 mm

8.9 inch

225 mm

11.0 inch

280 mm

8.7 inch

220 mm

Adjustable Time

0.1 - 10 seconds

0.1 - 10 seconds

0.1 - 10 seconds

0.1 - 10 seconds

0.1 - 10 seconds

Overall Dimensions


17.1 inch

435 mm

17.1 inch

435 mm

22.4 inch

570 mm

24.6 inch

625 mm

25.0 inch

635 mm


20.0 inch

510 mm

20.0 inch

510 mm

21.7 inch

550 mm

24.4 inch

620 mm

26.6 inch

675 mm


36.0 inch

915 mm

36.0 inch

915 mm

45.3 inch

1150 mm

52.8 inch

1340 mm

58.0 inch

1475 mm

Standard Features

Machine Surfaces are Hand Scraped With Chromed Quill for Durability

Two Speed Spindle Advance With Oversized Ports

Automatic Lubrication to Back Side of Roll Forming Tools

Highest Grade Product With Festo Pneumatics & Siemens Electrics

Standard Two Year Warranty



Grant Riveters offers a variety of options. From standard EOS (end of stroke) Pressure Differential Forming Systems that include five and ten Presets, 100% Real-Time Monitoring, Control and Inspection System, multiple spindle  and multi-point heads and Multi-process Tooling; Orbital, Twin Spin, Multi-Spin & Spin Press forming technologies. Each new riveter shipped from our factory is supplied with Advance Coated Tooling offering extreme durability with up to ten times the life. We manufacture custom tooling and fixtures, work cell, rotary, inline and state of the art XYZ high speed riveting systems.  Our standard equipment includes features like rivet and part feed systems, standard automatic eject systems, 100% Real-Time Monitoring, Control and inspection system and system integration.


Pneumatic Model Riveters are manufactured standard with Festo brand pneumatics, Siemens brand electrical components and SKF brand bearings. We only install the best most readily available products within our machines. This is why we offer a standard two-year warranty. Ask the competition for a two year warranty, tell them you have a quote from another manufacturer and I bet they offer you an extra set of bearings. This isn't an apples to apples comparison. Is this really a two year warranty? What they are telling you is that you can expect to replace your bearings every year. Our riveters on average will run 6 to 10 million cycles or more before needing parts. Now this is the true guarantee!

Grant Riveters supplies each riveter with innovative state of the art Advance Hard Coated tooling! Tool life can be up to a cycles. Call today and find out more.

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Current Pricing (as of Tuesday, 14 February 2012)

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Grant Orbital Riveters

Two-Year Warranty
Sale prices below
Call for details to 203-366-4557
Model Capacity Price
3 3mm $   9,590
5 5mm $ 11,780
8 8mm $ 12,565
12 12mm $14,980
16 16mm $18,515


Grant Riveters introduces the new Process Inspector, a unique control system to guarantee your operator is forming perfect parts consistently. Our user friendly control alerts the operator to non-conforming parts while providing real-time force and distance data.  This state of the art control package is a custom PLC/HMI featuring an all-in-one color touch screen control with a digital readout offering easy set up of force and distance triggers. Programs are automatically generated with simple input of high low distance and force data which are saved to your preferred name.

Thank you for helping us celebrate a 106 years of Incorporation in 2010!

All prices are based upon application specifications. All Bench-Top Riveters are shipped complete and include Orbital tooling, anvil, dual palm buttons, solenoid valves, hoses, fittings and standard electrics less other devices required for the application. Prices shown are subject to change without written notice. Delivery is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Machine specification are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Grant Riveters Sales Department at (203) 366-4557 or write us at




Please email us at with your application requirements, contact information and we will promptly send you a no hassle quotation with our best price and delivery.


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