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The power cylinders consist essentially of an air cylinder and a built-in hydraulic intensifier. As a result, the full stroke can be subdivided into two distinct phases:
  •  a low pressure rapid approach stroke.
  •  a working stroke, where force is increased through the intensifier.

When the moving ram meets a resistance at any point during its travel, the working stroke can be engaged. Their reliability, thanks to their simple design and constant quality control, is proven by more than 30,000 units that work throughout the world.


AX Series Power Cylinders have the same technical and functional characteristics as the AP Series. Thanks to their compact shape, the AX Series can be used when lower overall height is required. The AX Series configuration allows longer standard approach and working strokes, than the AP Series.  

The UP Series Power Cylinders consist of a hydraulic intensifier which permits immediate use of the force. They are designed for applications where approach stroke is not required. Essential features:
  • Short working strokes
  • Speed
  • Easy installation
  • Economic running
  • Replace hydraulic cylinders

Grant Hydro-Pneumatic Presses are an excellent combination of flexibility and simplicity. These cylinders are a combination of two principals, namely; the speed of compressed air and the power of hydraulics. Our practical experience in this design gives us a product that offers high cycling and long life.



The power set of the Tromboline consists of a hydro-pneumatic intensifier and a manually operated mechanical unit. The MOP Series Press uses air to oil intensification combined with a manual approach to make a unit that is rapid and lessens operator strain. We offer the MOP 07, MOP 15, MOP 30 and MOP 50. Each model has 4 hydro-pneumatic working strokes of 5, 10, 15, 20 mm and a total stroke length of 60mm. Force up to 11,024 lbs @ 87 PSIG

The hydro-pneumatic presses series MOP, with manual operated approach to work piece and use of compressed air to develop the force, results in an unique working system:

Rapid - Safe - Noiseless

This is the result of technical development that gives the TROMBOLINE versatility in operation so as to achieve high levels of efficiency in the various fields of application.
  • 9 Standard versions
  • 3 Models with adjustable forces
  • 60 mm of stroke length
  • 4 hydro-pneumatic working strokes
The frame is provided with holes that allow to lower the power set, therefore to reduce the height.

It can be positioned in 4 different points within 180 for a optimum ease of operation. To change position of the lever, unscrew and re-fit in desired position.


      The bracket is used to position the tool. It shortens the return stroke of the piston rod, in observance of CEE rules that prescribe a max gap of 6 mm between tool and work piece.
The positioning is made by moving the piston rod to the desired position by means of the lever, then loosening the screw of the bracket, sliding it to the upper ledge and re-tightening the screw.



Code X
The end of stroke (B.D.C.) can be adjusted for 10 mm by means of the knob that operates the the mechanical stop placed inside the cylinder.
This device is absolutely necessary high precision in B.D.C. is required.


Power fluid filtered air max 6 bar
Model 07 15 30 50
Working stroke 6 bar
3 bar
Total stroke mm 60 60 60 60
Work stroke (hydro-pneumatic thrust) mm 10 - 15 - 20
Thrust of return stroke kg 1,4 1,8 2,2 2,4
Mechanical adjustment of bottom dead centre mm 10 10 10 10
Consumption at 6 bar for 1 mm of working stroke nl 0,164 0,349 0,636 1,098
Max weight of tools applied kg 0,8 1,3 1,8 1,8
Work speed at 6 bar mm/sec 90 65 40 30
Lever rotation (stroke 60 mm)   176

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