The Grant Power-Head Riveter is the most durable riveter offered in the world today. Grant Riveters are a 100% guaranteed and placed into service with an unprecedented Two and or Three Year Warranty. Our riveters are designed to meet your specific needs in riveting today and in tomorrows applications. Each riveter, no matter if it is from our pneumatic, hydraulic or servo-electric line offers the most reliable and repeatable riveting cycle day in and day out. You will not be replacing bearings often in our riveting machines. We have designed our units based upon a 100% safety factor. Do not settle for anything less. We offer true Multi-process riveter capable of Orbital, Twin-Spin, Multi-Spin and Spin-Press forming techniques all in the same machine. Typical cycle time is 0.5 to 1.5 seconds with most all riveting applications. Our skilled and highly experienced team will select the right forming technique that lends itself best to your product design. Our product line is rated in mild steel solid rivet diameters ranging from 3mm to 38mm rivet diameter capacity machines. The system typically can utilize a very simple work holding fixture. Since we use controlled rivet forming techniques to fasten the rivet, the tonnage on our machine is much less than all other competitors equipment. Thus making our equipment much more affordable. Let us quote your next riveting system and we will prove it to you.


Hydraulic Power-HeadsSpeciality Power-HeadsHydraulic Power-Heads

Key Benefits

  •  Modular Design
  •  Precision Micrometer Stroke Adjustment
  •  Four Riveting Process - Orbital, Twin-Spin, Multi-Spin & Spin-Press Forming Techniques!
  •  Extremely Fast Cycle Rate
  •  Rivets Fasten with the Best Control
  •  Highest Cost Savings Compared to Any Other Riveting System!











Capacity in

Mild 1018


0.393" DIA.
(10 mm)

0.511" DIA.
(13 mm)

0.63" DIA.
(16 mm)

0.866" DIA.
(22 mm)

1.023" DIA.
(26 mm)

1.250" DIA.
(32 mm)

Adjustable Stroke

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

1.5 - 2.0"

(38 - 50.8 mm)

Maximum Downward


2,500 lbs @ 500 psi

1134 @ 226 Kg/Cm²

3,750 lbs @ 500 psi

1700 @ 226 Kg/Cm²

10,000 lbs @ 1000 psi

4535 @ 453 Kg/Cm²

13,000 lbs @ 1000 psi

5896 @ 453 Kg/Cm²

18,000 lbs @ 1500 psi

8164 @ 680 Kg/Cm²

24,000 lbs @ 1500 psi

 @ 680 Kg/Cm²

Motor 3PH, 230/460V,


1.0 Hp

0.74 Kw

1.0 Hp

0.74 Kw

2.0 Hp

1.5 Kw

2.0 Hp

1.5 Kw

3.0 Hp

2.24 Kw

5.0 Hp

3.73 Kw




Cfg. #1

Standard Balluff Limit Depth Switch With +\- .001” Depth Repeatability

Standard Two Speed Spindle Advance With Over Sized Ports

Standard Accumulator Installed

High/Low Settable Depth - Pressure Window and Feedback Option

Oil Cooler Unit Option

Multi-process Tooling; Orbital, Twin Spin, Multi-Spin & Spin Press Forming Tech.

Automatic Lubrication To Roller Forming Tools

Cfg. #2

LVDT Tempo-Sonic III Technology Option +\- .0005” Depth Repeatability

100% Prog. Stroke With Unlimited Velocity Control

Proportional or Servo Valve With Standard Accumulator Installed

Standard High/Low Settable Depth -Pressure Window and SPC Feedback

Oil Cooler Unit Option

Multi-process Tooling; Orbital, Twin Spin, Multi-Spin & Spin Press Forming Tech.

Automatic Lubrication To Roller Forming Tools

Hydraulic Model Machines come standard with Vickers brand hydraulic components. Unit is priced less hydraulic power unit and accessories. This machine will plug in and run with virtually zero maintenance. This is absolutely the best riveter in the world inspecting 100% of the product that it produces. This machine will not make a mistake ever. When you buy a Grant Riveter, you buy it for life!

Current Pricing (as of Tuesday, 13 July 2010)

Hydraulic Power-Head Pricing

Description Model # Price US


HGS-010PH $9,350
13MM HGS-013PH $11,850
16MM HGS-016PH $13,250
22MM HGS-022HDPH $19,250
26MM HGS-026PH $26,500
32MM HGS-032PH Call









All prices are based upon application specifications. Prices shown are subject to change without notice. All units include Orbital tooling. Delivery is approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Machine specification are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Grant Riveters Sales Department at (203)-366-4558 or write us at sales@grantriveters.com.

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